Dancing with Aloha

Add a tropical flair to your event with Aloha Hula NW

Based in Bellingham, WA we dance for the delight of family entertainment and community events alike. Let us spice things up island style!

Price Range


Performances are typically 1/2 hour to an hour long.


Lei Greeting: Have your guests greeted Hawaiian style, with lei necklaces.

Crowd Participation: Invite guests to come up to the stage to have fun trying out some basic hula moves.

Do the Limbo: Enjoy the classic party game.

Hula Fitness Workshop: Shake it up with a hula workout by Tanya. No extra charge for fitness workshops that are worked into the time of your show. For separate hula fitness workshops: $80 half hour workout or $100 for 1 hour workout.


Tell us about your event and we can help you tailor a show that is perfect for the occasion.


Phone: (508) 212-6506